Loneliness is a terrible thing. It’s something that Harold Phillips is struggling to cope with ever since his wife Joan was taken into care suffering from Dementia. I spent a few weeks with Harold, documenting his daily life and talking about his past and future. This series was created to spread awarness for lonely and vulnrable adults across the U.K.
Three-quarters of older people in the UK are lonely I feel that this issue is very much under the rader. It should be discussed freely and openly within todays society.
This is a documentation of one man in a sea of many.


Behind the curtain.

Harold making tea

“My boy died when he was in his early 40’s, I think that’s what started off Joan’s dementia”.

The disease started slowly, she would forget small things like where the car keys were, and I could handle that at first, but later it got so bad that I had to label things for her like her toothbrush.”

“I have to admit that it’s hard adjusting to life alone surrounded by my memories.”

“I don’t like asking anyone for help, so I volunteer at my local museum where I can talk to people. My doctor suggested that I get myself a cat to keep me company and maybe I’ll think about that.”

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