Implanted is a project which presents images of discarded surgical implants at the end of life. Most of the implants have been recovered following cremation, the exception being the pacemakers which are removed prior to cremation.
On first viewing my images I found them unusual and strangely beautiful.  I decided to try to represent them in a different light by positioning and photographing them as art objects. This has the effect of changing the viewer’s perception of the nature of these objects.
 All of these components, which were once a very important part of someone’s life are recycled, providing, a new life for these materials
All images © Harry Lloyd-Evans 2018 U.K

Hip replacement x-ray

Ceramic hip replacement

Knee replacement: tibial component

Heart pacemaker x-ray

Heart pacemakers Donated to Pace4life. a U.K based charity that cleans and recycles heart pacemakers to be implanted in to patients in the third world.

Hip replacement: Acetabular components

Medical components awaiting collection

Knee replacement: Tibial tray. Within the furnace the implants are exposed to very high temperatures, - between 800 and 1000 degrees centigrade. Under these conditions they often undergo changes in colour as a result of oxidation.

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